LEE MATERAZZI | DIY Exhibition Catalogue



Published by Quint Gallery


Book Dimensions: 8.375” x 8.75”

Page Count: 50 pages, 27 color photographs

Quint Gallery is pleased to present a 50 page full color catalogue to coincide with the solo exhibition featuring Lee Materazzi, titled DIY, which will feature work from Materazzi’s new photographic series and a special installation. This is the first solo exhibition for Materazzi at Quint Gallery.

In the artworks, which Materazzi typically creates without the assistance of Photoshop, she contorts and affronts her body to create moving tributes to space. The artworks are like performances, echoing the work of Charles Ray and Vito Acconci. In this series, the newest additions to the performance are her daughter and her garage (the chosen space for this entire body of work). What comes through is a raw DIY approach not only to making art but of being a new mother. The space acts as its own embodiment, and she dresses it with antiques, bouncy balls, scribble drawings, furniture and dirty footprints. The exhibition will also feature an installation of one wall extracted from Materazzi’s garage, the remnant of a performance used in the series of photographs.

Preview below:

Preview below: [issuu width=620 height=472 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentid=140902235237-7e73ca8c9255475667e6424c8080e139 docname=diy_bbcc9b1ee869a4 username=quint_contemporary_art tag=artist unit=px v=2]