Jay Johnson | 16 Prints

"Notes, Circular"
Jay Johnson
Title: “Notes, Circular”
Medium : UV Ink on Omega Board Birch panels.
Size: 4″ x 4″ each
Edition of 5
16 individual images

“Notes, Circular” is a group of 16 digital prints on wood panel by artist Jay Johnson. They are meant to be shown as a group(s) or exhibited individually.

This new series by Jay has evolved through two different mediums; painting and photography. Johnson has manipulated images of his paintings and photographs by adding and deleting subtle objects and focusing the viewers eye on seemly mundane or over looked details. The small square format is reminiscent of seventies polaroids and the individual images can be grouped in any number or arrangement that is interesting to the viewer.

Jay Johnson | 16 Prints, "Notes, Circular"
$ 1500.00