Roman de Salvo

Fun Follows Function
Sally Yard, 2000
Paperback 47 pages
Publisher: Quint Contemporary Art
ISBN: 0-9628536-1-5

Roman de Salvo (Born in 1965 in San Francisco) works and resides in San Diego, CA. As a sculptor, conceptual and installation artist, he works with the ordinary and familiar in an infusion of surprise, intrigue, and visual poetry. He makes generic and vernacular objects into peculiar and often humorous sculptures. Employing materials normally associated with prosaic domestic construction and decoration, de Salvo fashions art and anti-art objects that continually question the meaning of things.

“De Salvo deploys things to represent themselves, pressing conventional style to disclose intention and meaning” writes the author Sally Yard in this publication. Sally Yard walks us through multiple solo and group exhibitions that the artist has participated in revealing the influences, processes and functionalities of De Salvo’s creations.

Roman de Salvo: Fun Follows Function
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