Kelsey Brookes (signed)

Psychedelic Space
Hardcover 216 pages

Published and Distributed by Gingko Press

In association with Quint Gallery and Library Street Collective
Authors/Essayists: Leonie Bradbury, Anthony Kiedis, Ryan McGinness, Hamilton Morris, Richard M. Doyle

Features: Hard cover, full color, 216 pages, signed by the artist
Dimensions: 11.25” x 9.75”

Language: English

“The brain and its product, the mind, are a fascinating subject; I question existence, both philosophically and scientifically, and because of my background, a good place to start my interrogation of life is through the material science of the brain.” – Kelsey Brookes

, published and distributed by Gingko Press in association with Quint Gallery and Library Street Collective, is a hard cover, full color, 216 page book is the first monograph of it’s kind for the artist. KELSEY BROOKES – PSYCHEDELIC SPACE examines three years of work, four solo exhibitions by the artist and explores in depth his former background as a biochemist and his current meditative practice as a painter. Brookes’ art masterfully melds a deep knowledge of science to create bright, intensely detailed paintings that abstract drug compounds, molecules, atoms and hallucinogenic states to heighten viewers’ sensory perceptions and reactions.

The opening essay by Montserrat College of Art Director Leonie Bradbury offers a multifaceted overview of Brookes’ impact on the current art landscape and is complemented by a variety of responses and writings from a wide range of interdisciplinary contributors. Contemporary artist Ryan McGinness offers a visual essay that explores and contrasts two vastly different artistic processes while Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis provides a dynamic interview exchange between artist and musician. Hamilton Morris, journalist and science editor of Vice Magazine, provides insight into Kelsey Brookes’ scientific approach to his painting process, while Pennsylvania State University Information Science and Technology professor Richard M. Doyle hyper analyzes two of the artist’s seven-inch paintings. Scientific line drawings, installation images, details, fold-outs and much more make this comprehensive monograph a dazzling look into the studio practice of Kelsey Brookes.

Kelsey Brookes (signed): Psychedelic Space
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