Quint Gallery, founded by Mark Quint, has been an essential platform in San Diego’s
contemporary art scene since 1981. In 42 years, the gallery has mounted countless
exhibitions over dozens of locations.
Unlike traditional contemporary art galleries, Quint does not represent a limited group
of artists but rather seeks out opportunities to show a wide variety of artists, thereby
bringing a much richer sampling of contemporary art to San Diego. As the art world
and art market have evolved over recent years, artists, galleries, and collectors are
all benefitting from more open, transparent access to works of art.  
Our mission at Quint Gallery is to embrace this emerging art world structure in order
to continue to bring the best in contemporary art to San Diego. 

ONE is a Quint satellite space: designed to experience a single, monumental work

at a time.The original space in La Jolla opened in July 2020 amid the rise of a global

pandemic, situated as an appointment-only opportunity to spend time alone with art

during one of the most radically transformative moments of upheaval in recent history.