Han Nguyen | New Photographs

20 October - 25 November 2000 Quint Gallery | 5171 Santa Fe

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of new photographs by artist Han Nguyen opening on October 20 and continuing through November 25. 2000.


Mr. Nguyen, a resident of San Diego since arriving in 1975 from Saigon, has had numerous exhibitions in Southern California, including a large survey of his photographs at the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, in 1999.


The work to be shown at Quint Contemporary continues Nguyen's series of sepia-toned lyrical "self-portraits" using a pin hole camera.  Often resembling landscapes these details of fragmentary limbs and soft Rubenesque flesh have a warmth and elegance associated with artists from Steglitz to Coplans.