Taylor Chapin


Working in both oil and acrylic, Taylor Chapin's paintings examine advertising, branding, superficiality, and the construction of value under the lens of American neoliberal capitalism. Her work questions the mindless drive toward industrialized American consumerism, the contents of which fill and fetishize our interior and exterior spaces. She reimagines mundane consumer goods emphasizing their inherent banality while simultaneously enshrining them, questioning how value is manufactured and challenging the perceptions of what is real/unreal, valuable/valueless.


Drawn to the allure of what lies underneath, Chapin drapes, wraps, and covers with various fabrics to transform once recognizable forms into abstracted shapes, semi-composed inklings of what lies below. It is this illusory quality of implied volume and depth that bemuses and betrays the two dimensional space of the stretched canvas, allowing the painted surface to become an additional layer of the facade.


Born and raised in San Diego, California, Chapin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute, and recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts at University of California, San Diego.  Chapin lives and works in San Diego, California.