Peter Dreher | Real

Apr 11 - May 3, 2003 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

Real marks Peter Dreher’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. The installation features several large recent drawings as well as a collection of photographs.


Dreher is most well known for his ongoing series Tag um Tag ist Guter Tag (Day by Day, Days are Good) which is composed of many canvases depicting the same glass of water, painted with the same palette and in the same style. In his new drawings, Dreher has continued to use repetition as a formal device but has shifted his subject matter. On wall-size sheets of rough paper, Dreher repeatedly painted the face of a woman lifted from a commercial cosmetic advertisement. Each visage is slightly different, some emphasize the eyes or adjust the shape of lips while others even lack entire features from the model’s face. Dreher will also exhibit photographs of the same glass that he paints in his Tag um Tag series. All of the approximately six hundred photographs that he has made so far were taken at one minute intervals.


Peter Dreher was born in Mannheim, Germany and currently lives in Freiburg. Dreher has had numerous solo exhibitions, including shows at Galerie Hans Mayer in Dusseldorf, Germany and Galerie Fossati in Kilchberg, Switzerland.