Dan Douke, Bill Feeney, Ryan McGinness, John Pittman and Nancy White | Group Show

Jan 11 - Feb 16, 2002 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to announce a group exhibition featuring the works of five artists: Dan Douke, Bill Feeney, Ryan McGinness, John Pittman and Nancy White.


While the media and subject matter of these five artists is wide-ranging, they all seem to share a common interest in using the formal strategy of repetition, while riffing off of American art of the 1960s. Painter Dan Douke’s large-scale compositions of roses recall Andy Warhol’s infamous Campbell’s soup paintings in their realism, repetition and deadpan presentation. Ryan McGinness’ “paintings” made of the bright grip tape that is used for skateboards perhaps quote Ellsworth Kelly’s reductive color fields. Both Bill Feeney and Nancy White experiment with wooden constructions; White works abstractly, while Feeney aims to endow humble objects with humor and playfulness. John Pittman will contribute precise geometric abstractions in which repeated squares and rectangles evoke emotional states while simultaneously executing formal agendas. 


The exhibition also marks the San Diego debut of each of these five artists. Douke and White both live and work in California. Douke recently retired after a lengthy teaching career at the California State University in Los Angeles and has shown in Los Angeles and New York. Pittman resides in Illinois and received an Illinois Arts Council Visual Arts Grant for 2002. Both Feeney and McGinness live and work in New York City and are affiliated with Mixed Greens gallery. McGinness’ work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY.