Robert Ginder | New Paintings

Nov 30, 2001 - Jan 5, 2002 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of new work by painter Robert Ginder.


Not unlike a medieval craftsman, Robert Ginder has continued to create his signature “contemporary secular icons” with impeccable precision and care. And this comparison continues with the materials and techniques the artist employs. Gold leaf stands in for painted ground and the tops of his panels are rounded, both of which recall Italian devotional paintings of the 13th and 14th Centuries. Ginder also deliberately distresses the edges of these wooden icons to suggest the passage of time. These anachronistic techniques enable his subject matter—California bungalows, leafy palm trees, and traditional fruit still-lives—to transcend its mundane status. The imminent installation will include pieces from each of these typologies that vary in size, ranging from several inches to several feet.


Ginder grew up in Los Angeles and many of the houses and palms that grace his paintings are from his childhood neighborhood of Compton. Since the artist now lives and works in upstate New York, it is tempting to read these precious paintings as pure nostalgia. Yet all of these backward glances are tempered by the modern method with which such scenes are captured, photography. Ginder then ultimately forges his own deeply personal and masterfully crafted strain of Photo-Realism.