Tom Waldron | New Sculpture

Apr 27 - May 26, 2001 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works by sculptor Tom Waldron.  The exhibition opens on April 27th and will continue through May 26th, 2001.  A public reception will be held on Saturday, May 19th, from 4 – 7 p.m.


Waldron’s sculpture feels at once familiar – the lyricism and movement of the forms describe a reductive, elemental world.  Waldron refines the weight and solidity of the steel into a softly tactile, almost fluid surface.  The edges are not sharp, but rather express the continuity of unbroken line; the fully developed forms invite contemplation and offer the pleasure of seeing the familiar in a new light.


Waldron works with steel “… not only for its physical properties, but also because of its universality.  I can’t look at a steel sculpture without considering the millions of tons of steel rolling out of the mills each year…”.  Although the works are directly linked to formal geometries and minimalist strategies, material, scale and form are balanced, resulting in works that exist beyond fashion or style.  


Two - 5’ x 10’ large-scale sculptures will be on view in this exhibition.


Originally a student of architecture, Waldron began making sculpture full time after moving to New Mexico in 1977.  He has studied at Notre Dame University, the University of Minnesota and the University of New Mexico.  His works are represented in numerous private and public collections, nationally and internationally.  He lives and works in Corrales, New Mexico.