Ryan McGinness | Pedaling in Sauerkraut

Nov 13, 2020 - Jan 5, 2021 7722 Girard Avenue

ONE presents Pedaling in Sauerkraut, a new painting by New York-based artist Ryan McGinness.


A translation of a French idiom that means “spinning one’s wheels,” this triptych is from McGinness’ Mindscapes series. These compositions employ the artist’s iconography and an energetic use of color in a dense landscape of overlapping motifs. There are appearances that range from the art history canon, including flattened renderings of iconic paintings by Jan van Eyck, Salvador Dali, and Frank Stella, to McGinness’ own signature symbology, namely his “Signals” and “Black Holes,” all fastened together with decorative flourishes and metal leafing throughout.


Pedaling in Sauerkraut invites the viewer into multiverses created through McGinness’ visual lexicon, allowing them to be enveloped in a world of details when seen up close while maintaining a cohesive viewing experience from a distance.


Pedaling in Sauerkraut will also be accompanied by a signed limited edition artist’s book titled “Sauerkraut” by McGinness, which will include black-and-white details of the painting on view at ONE accompanied by text written by Jacqueline Marino. Copies will be available for purchase at the gallery and online.


Purchase "Sauerkraut" Here.


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