Adrien Couvrat | Partition

Apr 16 - May 15, 2021 7722 Girard Avenue
Installation Views

Quint Gallery’s ONE is pleased to present the first US solo exhibition by French painter Adrien Couvrat. Partition, a grid of 21 individual paintings, will immerse the gallery space in striations of shifting color and light. These works become kinetic and activated, playing a trick on the eye’s photoreceptors. Meticulous vertical gestures create furrows on the surface, and are the base for applying layers of pigment, materializing in an optical effect comparable to an electronic screen, wherein color and light are interchangeable. The result is a sort of dance as the onlooker shifts from the left to the right of the canvas to make sense of the intangible chromatic vibrations. 


Couvrat’s oeuvre is informed by the dynamic nature of light and color, influenced equally by Italian Renaissance painters like Veronese to West Coast Light and Space artists like Larry Bell. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts and earned a degree at IRCAM in Paris, an institute dedicated to the intersection of music and technology. Couvrat lives and works in Paris, France.


To make an appointment: Please email [email protected] or text the gallery at  858.454.3409.


Selected Works