Exquisite Moving Corpse

Oct 1 - Dec 3, 2022 7655 Girard Avenue
Installation Views

Opening Reception: October 1, 4-6pm




1. Chip Lord
2. Jack Massing
3. Sean Miller
4. Chiaozza
5. Phillip Pyle II
6. Kara Hearn
7. Sergio Vega
8. Ken Friedman
9. William Wegman
10. Bryan Konefsky
11. Albert Chong
12. Robert Hodge
13. Chris Sollars
14. Mary Mattingly
15. Natali Leduc
16. Gustavo Vazquez
17. Tea Mäkipää
18. Mel Chin
19. Sarah Aziz
20. Hasan Elahi
21. Hillerbrand+Magsamen
22. Leyla & Mike Mandel
23. Kristin Lucas
24. Ali and Aoife
25. Shane Mecklenburger
26. Oliver Herring
27. Bibbi Hansen
28. Fereshteh Toosi
29. Craig Smith
30. Severn Eaton

31. Pinar Yoldas
32. Adebukola Bodunrin
33. James Benning
34. Chris Beaver
35. Connie Hwang
36. Chris Felver
37. Theadora Walsh
38. Cyriaco Lopes and Terri Witeck
39. Jason Simon
40. Isabelle Carbonell
41. Aisling O’Beirn
42. Mark Seliger
43. Elia Vargas
44. Leah Floyd + Cristina Molina
45. Jose Ignacio Hernandez Sanchez
46. John Sanborn
47. Dana Sherwood
48. Hank Schyma
49. Emiko Omori
50. Mark Dion
51. Jack Thompson
52. Emmanuel Opoku
53. Rachel Mayeri
54. Nina Katchadourian
55. Larry Andrews
56. Emmanuel Manu Opoku
57. Tony Oursler
58. Tony Labat
59. Alyssa Taylor Wendt
60. Muntadas

Quint Gallery is pleased to present Exquisite Moving Corpse, a film project started in 2020 by artists Sean Owen Miller, Chip Lord and Jack Massing. Taking the concept of the Surrealist parlor game, Miller, Lord and Massing each invited 19 artists from their international networks to make a one-minute video in response to only the final frame of the previous video. Most of the footage was created, shared, and edited while participating artists worked in quarantine. Born out of the circumstances of isolation during the early stages of the pandemic, the film revealed coincidences and surprising associations during a rare moment collectively experienced around the world.

Exquisite Moving Corpse has been touring in venues from Venice, Italy to Albuquerque, New Mexico since May of this year. This marks the film's West Coast premiere, occurring simultaneously in San Diego at Quint Gallery and in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater, organized and hosted by Chip Lord and Rena Bransten Gallery (San Francisco).