Anne Mudge | Matterings

Feb 10 - Mar 24, 2018 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

“Encounters leave traces, a froth of intersections, deep cell mirrors of galactic relations, winking echoes. Umbel and sombra hint at the metaphysics of matter.” –From the poem, "Mattering" by Diane Gage

Quint Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by San Diego-based artist ANNE MUDGE. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, February 10th from 6-8pm and is open to the public.


Anne Mudge’s studio is an intimate place, with clean white walls and lots of natural light. Her friendly demeanor is matched by her wit, which is sharp and inquisitive. In looking at the world, she has been making work with an organic feel, her incremental build-up of forms echoing the time-based processes that produce a leaf or limb. Much of her new work strips her forms down to what she calls their bones, leaving linear traceries that reveal the push and pull of tension and compression, contraction and release.The work is process driven and defined in the making by the principle of accretion. The accumulation of materials of stainless steel wire and sometimes fiber are repeated until balance is achieved.


In 2006, art historian Leah Ollman wrote:“In Mudge’s work, small, particular gestures of tying, coiling, twisting, knotting and wrapping are everything. Repeated and varied, they give rise to a new, total form. The small gestures are not opposed to the large, nor are they separate. They simply occupy different positions on the same continuum. Nothing stands apart.”


In Matterings, Mudge borrowed and slightly altered the title of Diane Gage’s poem because it speaks to the actions that knit skin to bone or dust mite to cosmos. As Gage says, “the word itself - mattering - hangs in the space where a noun becomes a verb, as well as evoking simultaneous ideas about both substance and significance.” In addition to the sculptures on view, Mudge will exhibit documentation of her process. Beginning with a drawing, the work takes shape as it grows from the original idea, Mudge photographs the work at different steps in her process. The works are also informed by nature walks, which Mudge documents through photographs. In keeping with the “project” format at Quint Projects, Mudge will set up a satellite studio and work on a new piece during the course of the exhibition. The progression will be on view to the public. There will be a closing reception on Saturday, March 24th from 10am-1pm.


Anne Mudge has been awarded numerous public art commissions including San Diego County’s Planning and Permit Center and the Arroyo Vista Recreation Center in Moorpark, CA. Mudge lives and works in Fallbrook, CA.