Michael James Armstrong | 4:2

May 21 - Jul 2, 2016 5171 Santa Fe
Installation Views

Quint Projects is pleased to announce a site-conditioned artwork by San Diego artist Michael James Armstrong. The installation will transform the space with two light-flooded columns made of white nylon thread and framed by four black rectangles. This is Armstrong’s second thread installation. The first event will take place from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, May 21st – the artist will be in attendance and it is open to the public.

The space has been meticulously crafted by Armstrong to create an environment of perceptual exploration. The installation is site-conditional and ephemeral in nature.

Armstrong says: “The thread installations are merely part of my ongoing oeuvre, born out of the process of making site conditioned works. That's really what's at play here. Paying attention. Making an effort to observe before responding. The exciting thing is that there are infinite ways of responding. Today it's threads; tomorrow it could be something entirely different. The material isn't the catalyst for making the work. The conditions of a particular site or space and my unique interpretation of that information is what generates the response.”

Michael James Armstrong, originally from Arizona, has spent the last decade working in Southern California. In San Diego he has his own artist-run space called Ice Gallery in Barrio Logan. Armstrong has been shown in exhibitions in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.