Jan Van Munster | Dark Plus Cold: Quint Contemporary Art: 7739 Drury Lane

Apr 3 - May 16, 2009
Installation Views

Quint Contemporary Art is pleased to exhibit works by artists Jan van Munster. The exhibition opens on April 3rd, 2009 with a public reception from 6-8 PM and continues through May 16th, 2009.  


Dutch based sculptor, Jan van Munster, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Rotterdam and pursued his MFA at the Institute of Applied Arts, Amsterdam.  His work has been included in the collections of some of the most prominent museums throughout Europe including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, and the Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp. Jan van Munster has been exhibiting with Quint Contemporary Art for over two decades. In the early 1990’s, he was invited to take part in Quint Krichman Projects, a residency art program in San Diego. In 2003, van Munster received the Wilhelmina-ring, which is the Dutch oeuvre prize for sculpture, a prestigious award that celebrates his extensive career in the arts. An artist who has worked with a range of materials, Jan van Munster is incessantly enthralled by energy. 


Jan van Munster’s notion of sculpture goes beyond the visual and the aesthetic properties of the material: appearance and sensory touch are not the only criteria for the effect produced by his sculptures. Sculpture perceived as an energetic process may appeal to all of the viewer’s senses, ultimately affecting even the power of imagination.                                - Peter Lodermeyer Sculpture Magazine


This exhibition highlights the artist’s fascination with energy and more so his pursuit in the late 1980's to combine the actual strength exhausted during the piece’s production and the focus of energy conveyed in its finalized form. In his attempt to communicate the mixed form of energy, he forces his audience to experience this vigor on a cognitive level. The phenomenal essence is further suggested by his creative use of converse subject matter, the relation between hot and cold, plus and minus, and dark and light. The conflict exerted arouses an end result that is devoted, but not limited, to tension.