Glen Wilson | Constellation Dub

May 25 - Jun 22, 2024 7722 Girard Avenue
Installation Views
Reception: Saturday, June 1, 6-8 PM
Quint Gallery is excited to present Los Angeles-based Glen Wilson's Constellation Dub, the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery following a 2023 presentation at ONE. With roots stretching back to documentary and street photography, his body of work spans sculpture, assemblage, installation, and filmmaking, often layering original imagery with found and constructed materials that encourage the viewer to engage the work's physical and conceptual qualities.

In this presentation, Wilson uses dub as an organizing principle to form a sonic and visual landscape that resonates within and beyond the walls of the gallery. Dub music emerged out of reggae, wherein a song is created initially, and from these constituent parts emerges an ambient abstract. Wilson expands upon his lens-based practice with Elements, his interactive wall sculptures constructed from drum cymbals and photographs, and a continuation of his Gatekeeping series which presents images woven through grids of galvanized and interconnected steel wire of chain-link gates and salvaged fencing. In the rear gallery, the artist has constructed two new sculptural and light-based works honoring the lives of revolutionary thinkers and activists of the 1960s and 70s, Malcolm X and Gil Scott-Heron. 
Taken together, these works evolve into instruments from which the artist transmits temporal frequencies and invites the viewer to be an active participant by engaging the cymbal works and with the gates, negotiating the spaces in between perception and interpretation. The cymbals and lectern both invoke abstracted imagery of the ocean, which for the artist represents not only home, but also an infrasonic frequency created by the collision of opposing waves traveling on its surface. Infrasound has a frequency below the limit of human audibility, but at higher levels may be felt as vibrations in various parts of the body. Like the man made process of naming constellations, Wilson makes meditative connections on landscape, history, and humanity that forms an acoustic ghost, or dub, which echoes throughout his practice.
This exhibition immediately follows and resonates with themes of Wilson’s solo exhibition Meridian Dub at Various Small Fires in Seoul, South Korea. He has been exhibited at The Getty Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the California African-American Museum, ICA:LA, the Torrance Art Museum, Frieze Art: London and in public parks in New York and Los Angeles. His work is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and other private collections. He completed an MFA at the University of California, San Diego, and received his BA from Yale University.
Selected Works