Troublesome | Group Exhibition: Quint Contemporary Art: 7547 Girard Avenue

Jan 12 - Feb 23, 2013
Installation Views

QCA is excited to present TROUBLESOME, a group exhibition of paintings, sculpture and photographs by Robert Barry, Mel Bochner, Matthew Brandt, Johnannes Girardoni, Thomas Glassford, Katrin Korfmann, Joao Lauro, Lee Materazzi, Finnbogi Petursson and Marcos Ramírez. The opening reception on Saturday, January 12 from 6 to 8PM is open to the public.


 Through the use of mirrors, drones, fire, bubble gum, word play and many other materials and techniques these artists explore mysterious compositions, use unexpected materials, present challenging situations and show vexing perspectives.


 Robert Barry and Mel Bochner are both old-guard conceptual artists who, through the use of language, present ideas that have to be walked over, looked through and interpreted.


 Matthew Brandt is a Los Angeles-based artist who is challenging the idea of photography by making photo-realistic compositions using your favorite flavors of bubble gum. The color’s are reminiscent of sepia tones and CMYK.


 Johannes Girardoni’s new work shows an interest in color and light, but also have an underlying quality as he’s incorporating sound into the sculpture. The visual and phonetic landscape of the pieces build upon the ideals of installation art.


 Thomas Glassford’s use of mirrors in his newest plexiglass sculptures warp and reflect the space around them, while João Louro’s painting leaves a blank spot for you to reflect on cinematic memories through text. Finnbogi Petursson’s sculpture made of fire and glass reflect on an elemental phenomenon.


 Photographers Katrin Korfmann and Lee Materazzi focus on very different places. Korfmann’s chaotic photographs at first look like abstract paintings but up close reveal a different perspective on landscapes in India. San Francisco-based Materazzi acts almost like a performance artist in her photographs where she places herself in uncomfortable compositions, which reflect on the idea of home.


Tijuana-based artist Marcos Ramírez ERRE uses the recognizable format of an eye chart, but adds a dimension of tension by putting a mirror behind the chart, reflecting more than just our 20/20 vision. We will also be presenting a series of very colorful, handcrafted “Acapulco Chairs” by BAJAUS, a brand of design furniture run by Ramírez.


TROUBLESOME brings together a group of artists that are challenging techniques and reassessing ideas about art forms and art movements.