LEE MATERAZZI’S photographs have a sculptural quality, attributed to her studies at Central Saint Martins in London where she completed her degree in sculpture. The photographs are based in everyday life, though Materazzi transcends the documentarian quality of life to elevated concepts about living. The photographs take the mundane tasks and chores of our existence and express the way in which they affect our consciousness.


Materazzi’s series of artworks are composed in an everyday setting and layered with meaning. There are many references to performance art from the 70’s such as Charles Ray’s “Plank Piece”, mimicked with “Coffee Table Piece”, and Anna Mendieta’s “Siluetas” reminiscent in “Level with My Backyard.” With interventions into the landscape, her works are ephemeral in quality and time-consuming to create.


“It’s as though the subject could not resist the temptation of filling and playing in the void that has been created. Both works attempt to achieve a resolution of the body’s role within contemporary art but their success ultimately lies within their juvenile failures. Again, the game becomes the locus.”


Lee Materazzi’s work can be found in several art collections in Miami, Florida including World Class Boxing, The Collection of Debra and Denis Scholl, The Marguilles Collection at the Warehouse, and The Collection at the Sagamore Hotel.