GARY LANG is a prolific artist, creating work in a vein of repetition that is similar to the practice of meditation. Once one enters the visual world of Gary Lang's art, there is a vast universe to be explored. In his most recent series – BLUELIGHT, these seemingly mechanical paintings are a concentration on color, light, and form. Each painterly circular line is carried out with immense detail and thoroughness. These hand-painted layers trick the eye with slight gradients that create optical illusions. It is as if the viewer’s eyes become a tuning fork for the occipital lobe, which then undulates upon the viewer’s perception. Furthermore, each color and hue in these dazzling paintings interacts with the next to hit all notes in perfect harmony.


Gary Lang is an internationally exhibited artist, including a recent solo exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art. Originally from Los Angeles, CA he studied at California Institute of Art and Yale University. In the 1970’s he lived in Barcelona on a Fulbright/Hayes Travel Grant and lived in New York and Los Angeles before settling in Ojai, CA. Lang has a long relationship with Quint Gallery, with the first of several solo exhibitions in 1982. Gary Lang’s paintings belong in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, CA; the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, Santa Monica, CA; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,; Portland Museum of Art, ME; and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY, amongst others. Lang currently lives and works in Ojai, CA.


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