BOUNTEOUS | A Group Exhibition

Installation Views

BOUNTEOUS, a group show, will take over both La Jolla locations (7655/7722 Girard Avenue) from March 26 through May 21. The exhibition will be a vibrant conversation between many of the artists Quint Gallery has exhibited over the years, with styles ranging from California Light & Space, abstraction, photography, drawing, and sculpture. 



Nancy Blum • Kelsey Brookes • Mara De Luca • Roman De Salvo • Peter Dreher • Tom Driscoll • Manny Farber • Thomas Glassford • Tim Hawkinson • Robert Irwin • Gary Lang • Jean Lowe •
Kim MacConnel • Lee Materazzi • Allan McCollum • Ryan McGinness • Patricia Patterson •
Chris Puzio • Griselda Rosas • Derek Stroup


Selected Works