A Large Group of Small Artworks at 7722 Girard Avenue

Dec 11, 2021 - Jan 15, 2022 7722 Girard Avenue
To close out our 40th year, Quint Gallery is using the 7722 Girard Avenue gallery to show a large grouping of small works, including painting, photography, drawing, and sculpture. Doors open tomorrow at 11 AM.

Artworks by:
Michael James Armstrong
Stephanie Bachiero
Adam Belt
Nancy Blum
Kelsey Brookes
Adrien Couvrat
Mara De Luca
Thomas DeMello
Manny Farber
Judy Fiskin
Thomas Glassford
David Ireland
Sasha Koozel Reibstein
Gary Lang
Kim MacConnel
Lee Materazzi
John Millei
Sean Miller
Richard Allen Morris
Patricia Patterson
Griselda Rosas
Selected Works