20/20 VISION: See Further

Feb 29 - Jul 31, 2020

Come test your vision at Quint Gallery’s new satellite space, Further.

20/20 Vision: See Further explores the universal desire for perfect visibility into what the future holds. But like any other year, 2020 won’t bring 20/20 vision, unless we embrace the ever-shifting nature of vision and constantly vary our points of view. The exhibition opens on Saturday, February 29th with a public reception from 6 to 8PM. 

Curator and Director of Further, Ingrid Westlake, showcases four artists’ visions. These four artists all strive towards visual vigilance, to balance the distraction, abundance and visual overload that make us look without seeing. Come see Further, right in the Village of La Jolla. 

Exhibited for the first time in the U.S., Adrien Couvrat’s optical painted wonders will make you doubt what your eyes truly see, yet empower you to conjure up colors out of black and white. Using simple tools, Adrien Couvrat obtains an optical materialization close to a screen by working directly on the materiality of the pictorial layer, without artifice or effects. Only a chemistry or even an alchemy of colors is at work. The pigment turns into light when it is projected onto the screen-surface. The artist proceeds by crossing between two painted images and by projecting color onto streaks that make up the canvas. 

Marcos Ramírez ERRE's witty Eye Charts bring critical wisdom to ensure the disastrous typo of his ‘Democrazy’ does not become a dictionary staple. Language and word play are central to ERRE’s sculptural and conceptual practice. ERRE, who lives and works between Tijuana and San Diego, has made the border a central part of his work for over two decades, examining its oft-forgotten history and shifting contours, as well as its current social, economic, and political implications.

Jean Lowe’s figurative paintings denounce the piled-high fire sale of our historical capital in a society turned consumerist zoo. All is not lost though: her humorous papier-maché books offer self-help solutions to all ailments. Lowe's work manages to be fun and inviting, even within all of her social critique. Although often large in size, the work never overshadows the viewer; rather it makes one rethink their place in this consumer culture and question society as a whole. By incorporating traditional styles with extra-ordinary techniques, the works tend to speak to a sensibility of beauty, while also offering food for thought.

Lee Materazzi brings photographic tension between surrealist abundance and self-negation, forcing attention on the space we occupy, the space from which we see the art that takes us further. Materazzi's work is based in everyday life. Though Materazzi transcends the documentarian quality of life to elevated concepts about living. The photographs take the mundane tasks and chores of our existence and express the way in which they affect our consciousness.

For Visual Curator and Art Adviser Ingrid Westlake, life is best lived filtered through Art because Art sparks the best conversations and ideas. As an ex-stockbroker with full gemology expertise/qualifications, her mind is well versed in stock-picking, while her aesthetic eye systematically looks for gems, connecting the relatable stories of contemporary living preoccupations with the art history education she gained from Oxford University. As Director of Further, a Quint Gallery satellite space, Westlake introduces new artists while putting them in dialogue with Quint artists by curating exhibitions and private collections.

All artworks exhibited are priced well under $20,000, so Further provides you with the 20/20 opportunity to make a personal museum out of your home.


The ever expanding Quint Gallery has opened a new satellite space in La Jolla called FURTHER. This venue, devoted to art and books, is in collaboration with the advertising and marketing company, SIXTEENFIFTY Creative Intelligence, and takes place in the office spaces, graffitied stairwell and lobby area of their building. With punches of neon accents, vibrant wallpapering and hot pink lighting this location challenges the white walls of the conventional gallery. Exhibitions feature gallery artists and international artists alike.
Selected Works