JEAN LOWE’S work manages to be fun and inviting, even within all of her social critique. Although often large in size, the work never overshadows the viewer; rather it makes one rethink their place in this consumer culture and question society as a whole. By incorporating traditional styles with extra-ordinary techniques, the works tend to speak to a sensibility of beauty, while also offering food for thought.


“’Conceptual – Decorative’ is how I would describe the artistic tradition I work in. I’m engaged with specific social/political subject matter, (particularly our relationship with other species and the environment, and how gender plays into that equation), and aesthetically, how a generous, decoratively informed, painterly and installation oriented visual esthetic can uniquely carry this content. It’s a pragmatic choice; I use the visual language of the home to critique the behavior of its inhabitants. In hybridizing elements of installation, decoration (particularly that of the 17th to 19th centuries), and political/social art traditions, my commitment is to continue making contemporary artwork for sale that is both entertaining and seductive as well as intellectually provocative.”


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