Thomas Glassford

THOMAS GLASSFORD is perhaps most well known for his sculptures using dried gourds. Exploring the sexual undertones of these objects, the artist created wild assemblages and even juxtaposes the gourds with everyday functional objects, from furniture to lighting. Glassford’s body of work called Partituras (Musical Scores) are sculptural works which are either monochrome or coated with colorful vertical stripes that enhance the innate rhythm of the peaks and valleys of rippled metal.


Departing from the functional premise of his earlier work, Glassford has focused on a new material; commercial anodized aluminum molding, to create wall sculptures that are unabashedly decorative and optically engaging. His works with anodized aluminum are low-relief constructions that flirt with the divide between painting and sculpture, simultaneously recalling minimalist sculpture and Op-Art painting of the 60s and 70s.