ROY MCMAKIN is both an artist and accomplished designer. He runs his design company Domestic Furniture / Domestic Architecture out of Seattle. McMakin’s furniture is often incorporated into his artwork. He combines form and function, furniture and visual art, to produce hybrid objects of clean, sensuous surface with humorous underpinnings. Roy McMakin's work often plays with scale and language, inviting both visceral response and conceptual contemplation.


In the text for Roy McMakin: A Door Meant as Adornment, Michael Darling writes;

"Poetic interconnections with the words “adore,” “adornment,” “ornament,” and “store” make them ripe for McMakin’s gamesmanship and allow him to conflate disparate concepts and uncover surprising connections. For Roy McMakin, furniture artwork and domestic architecture have long offered a framework within which to enact these contextual corruptions, bringing poetic play home to where it naturally and comfortably encounters the body on a daily basis.”


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